SANYNET Service Agreement

The following regulations are based on the SANYNET service agreement in Japanese. In case there is a dispute concerning service policy or regulations, the Japanese Service Contact (YAKKAN) should be consulted.
The following regulations are based on the SANYNET service agreement in Japanese. In case there is a dispute concerning service policy or regulations, the Japanese Service Contact (YAKKAN) should be consulted.

Article 1: Membership
1. By applying for use of SANYNET Internet Service as provided by Sanyei Corporation ("SANYNET" hereinafter ), the customer consents to all of the articles in this agreement.
  2. The customer understands that it is SANYNET's prerogative to deny membership to customers, at the time of application, for any reason.
  3. The customer realizes that upon becoming a member of SANYNET, his records may be listed in a directory accessible to the public. 4. For customers under 18 years of age, SANYNET must receive the consent of his/her legal guardian.

Article 2: Login name and password
  1. Upon receipt of the login name and password, all responsibility for their safe-keeping becomes the responsibility of the customer. However, the transfer of this account information to others, the change of registered name, and the buying and/or selling of this information is strictly prohibited.
  2. SANYNET is not liable for damages done by third-parties who without consent obtain login and password information and use them to ill purpose.
  3. In case of the loss or theft of the login name or password, the customer should report it to SANYNET immediately.

Article 3: Utilization of information
  1. The customer must obtain advance written approval from the relevant person before reproducing, redistributing, publishing information obtained from SANYNET.
  2. When using the Internet, please follow all common sense network rules as well as the rules of the network that you are visiting (whether in or outside of Japan). Particularly do not visit educational institutions or non-profit groups with the aim of commercial gain.

Article 4: Initial membership fees and user fees
  1. Initial membership fees and user fees must be paid in accordance with SANYNET's provisions on fee payments and must be paid within the period designated by SANYNET.
  2. Once initial membership fees and user fees have been paid, they cannot be returned to the customer for any reason, including cancellation of membership.

Article 5: Prohibited actions
  1. SANYNET members are prohibited from doing the following while using SANYNET services:
(1) Infringement of copyrights held by other members, by third parties, or SANYNET itself.
(2) Slandering, spreading lies and/or disinformation about other SANYNET members, third parties, or SANYNET itself.
(3) Deeds which cause misfortune upon other SANYNET members, third parties, or SANYNET itself.
(4) Acts which are aimed at and/or result in undermining the public order or morals.
(5) Acts which violate the law or are aimed at violation of the law.
(6) Acts which disrupt the daily operations of SANYNET or are aimed at disrupting the daily operations of SANYNET.

Article 6: News groups
  1. SANYNET members may not reproduce onto other media (newspapers, magazines, etc.) the news, letters and other information which are contained in those news groups which are managed and provided to members by SANYNET, without the prior written consent of the writer.
  2. It is forbidden for SANYNET members to engage in SANYNET publicity without first receiving the written consent of SANYNET.
  3. SANYNET reserves the right to delete the messages contributed by members to news groups in the following cases:
(1) It is determined that the contributed article violates an act in Article 5 or Article 6 above.
(2) The contributed article has exceeded the allowed time period for posting such articles.
(3) In the case that a contribution which is judged improper for being on the SANYNET server is deleted, SANYNET is not obliged to reveal the reason for the deletion.

Article 7: Disqualification of membership
  1. SANYNET can disqualify any member from all rights of membership and nullify from all contracts with SANYNET in the following cases:
(1) It is determined that the member violated an act in Article 5 or Article 6 above.
(2) It is determined that information on the application are untrue.
(3) In the event that there is an unacceptable delay in payment of the required initial fees or other membership fees.
(4) In the event that there is a disturbing act done against SANYNET.
(5) In the event that there is a disturbing act done to another SANYNET member.
(6) In the event that there are violations of Articles in this Service Agreement.

Article 8: Cancellation of the contract
  1. Should the customer decide to cancel his membership, he must report it in writing to SANYNET at least 2 months before the desired cancellation date.
  2. The customer must inform SANYNET the desired day of cancellation the month before the service is to be terminated, with the understanding that the minimum period of membership is 6 months for all customers.
  3. When canceling, fees that have already been paid to SANYNET will not be returned.

Article 9: Disruption of regular services
  1. Due to power outages & natural disasters, as well as for maintenance, inspections, and installation of new equipment and lines, as well as for other reasons, it may be necessary to interrupt SANYNET's regular service. At times when it is necessary to temporarily disconnect Internet services, SANYNET will inform members in an appropriate manner beforehand. In case of emergencies, this may not always be possible.

Article 10: Exemption from responsibility
  1. SANYNET always strives to provide its customers with the best Internet service possible. However, in the event that a disruption in service causes problems for a SANYNET member, the member understands and agrees that SANYNET is completely exempt from any responsibility whatsoever.
  2. The correctness, completeness, and usefulness of the information or data taken from the network must be determined by the customer himself. SANYNET accepts no responsibility whatsoever for damages caused to the customer through the use of these materials.
  3. Damage suffered by another SANYNET user or by a third party while using the SANYNET network is the sole responsibility of the customer, including all expenses incurred, and SANYNET bears no responsibility in the matter.

Article 11: Scope of and modification of this services agreement
  1. SANYNET reserves the right to modify this agreement at its sole discretion at any time without prior notification to the customer.
  2. This service agreement is based on SANYNET's service Agreement in Japanese (KANYU-KIYAKU) as posted on the SANYNET homepage.

Article 12: Effectiveness of this service agreement
  1. This service agreement becomes effective immediately after SANYNET sends the login and password information to the user.

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